Harbir Juj, Tacoma, WA

We had two wedding ceremonies at two different venues on our wedding day. Without a doubt, our experience was far more positive at the second venue. Loren had a lot to do with this.

She’s incredibly kind, and consistently made us feel like we were her top priority (no doubt while working with several other couples).

Of most importance to us, she was prompt.  Whenever we called or emailed, we’d always hear back from her within a day (often immediately).  In this midst of so much planning, this was invaluable to us.  So many vendors and the other catering manager often left us waiting for several days before getting back to us.  When planning a wedding from a distance (at a venue/city that you cannot visit) this was such a frustration and challenge.  We never had this experience with Loren.

She also had an incredible attention to detail, and thought of things that we may have overlooked.  She kept us on track and on schedule.  For this hotel portion of our wedding, we really felt like we would have been fine without a wedding planner.  Loren was just that great.

We had such a magical wedding.  While there were many factors and people that helped make our day so perfect, we certainly owe Loren a very special thank you.

Catherine Bachelier Smith, CBS Lifestylist, La Jolla,

“It’s hard to see the forest through the trees.”

When I met Loren, I’d enjoyed a successful and happy business for over 10 years. I didn’t realize that I needed help really… I didn’t know that I could or should improve my business because I was “in the trees” and couldn’t imagine the big picture (“the forest”) without her help.

Loren carefully examined my business plan and then broke down the areas that were perfect and which areas required attention. She gave me sound advice about how to improve my current business system and how to be more efficient. She powerfully and easily walked me through the process and now I feel better, more organized and ready for the next 10 years of my business.

I’d whole-heartedly recommend Loren and her terrific company. She’s wise, knows “her stuff” and works really hard for you.

Thank you, Loren, (if I haven’t said so before) for all that you’ve done to improve what I hadn’t known possible.

Marissa Nakaoka, New London, CT

My husband and I thought that planning a wedding from the other side of the country was going to be a huge challenge, but Loren’s attention to detail, professionalism, experience, and patience made the process feel almost effortless. From our first exchange of emails, Loren has always been prompt to respond within half a day or so, even despite our five to six hour time difference. Her excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, were always warm and professional, and she always made us feel like she was truly invested in our wedding. Her experience with local vendors in Hawaii, along with weddings and events in general, proved to be extremely helpful as we were somewhat clueless from the start.

Being somewhat clueless about the vendors and venues in Hawaii, we went through the normal routes of finding vendors: Hawaii bridal magazines, online searches, and word of mouth through family and friends. During our search for a florist, we emailed around ten vendors and only three replied! Three! I am sure the other seven were fantastic florists, but I will never know because they never replied to me. Aside from the lack of responses, one thing was clear amongst a large majority of those vendors: while they did amazing work, tech-savviness may not have been their strong point. Outdated forms, less-than-intuitive websites, and poorly formatted emails (for the ones who did reply) led to much confusion during the consultation phases. In the end, our vendors delivered everything beautifully, but we will admit that the experience could’ve been a lot better if someone like Loren were there to ensure every detail or change – because there are always changes – was documented in an intuitive and professional-looking fashion, and all payments were processed securely and discreetly via credit card. Loren was our best contact and really made our wedding a fantastic event. She exceeded every expectation we had. Thank you Loren for all that you did for us!

Shawna Snow, New South Wales, Australia

Loren set herself apart during our wedding planning process. She was always accountable and paid attention to the details that I either oversaw or had forgotten, while talking to the different 5 or 6 vendors at a time. When time zones separate you from your destination wedding it takes more than emails to get it right . She helped put the pieces of the puzzle together to create a day that I will remember forever.

With her experience in the industry combined with her effortless ability to take the client’s needs into consideration, she’s someone who we will always remember.

Joanne Arellano, San Diego, CA

Before my husband and I were officially engaged, we were already scouting out locations of where we can have our destination dream wedding in Honolulu.  We were sadly losing hope with the lag time several vendors had in responding to our on-line inquiries and were nearly close to shelving the idea of getting married all together in Hawaii due to the lack of responses.  It wasn’t until Loren came along and restored our hope with her super rapid reply to my inquiry (and within an hour!).  Planning a destination in Hawaii from the mainland was a huge task to take on and working with Loren on a regular basis with the number of detailed emails helped keep us organized.  We spent nine months planning our wedding and at times, I felt bad having to email her so often with all my questions.  Each time, Loren was so pleasant and helpful.  Her personable, professional and quick to replies to my number of inquiries helped keep our wedding planning a wonderful experience for us.

Thanks to Loren, her keen attention to details and consistency with maintaining the importance of keeping her customers informed timely, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day in beautiful Hawaii.  She actually made my wedding planning fun when the expectation can be stressful for most brides.  To have our 130+ out-of-town guests later tell us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been a part of speaks volumes of her collaborative efforts in making it a successful and memorable day for all of us!

Mark & Jazmine Yokota, Honolulu, Hawaii

Loren was amazing! She made planning our wedding very easy.  She was always timely with her follow up, diligent and thoughtful.  We truly appreciate all of her hard work, and feel privileged to have worked with her.

Jason Burns, Seattle, WA

It was a daunting task to try and plan a wedding in Hawaii while living in Seattle, especially since my fiancée was living in Vancouver, Canada at the time. We knew we wanted to get married, and we were lucky enough to get Loren as our Catering Manager. She coordinated everything for us – multiple venue walkthroughs, vendor suggestions, menu tastings, and more. She was extremely responsive through email. I have never gotten questions answered via email so quickly by any service provider, ever! While our other wedding vendors were great at their respective crafts, the lack of communication was glaring. While it all worked out in the end, we would have had a much better experience with those vendors had their communication been on par with the service we received form Loren. I would whole-heartedly recommend her services to any wedding vendor looking to improve their communication and client relationships. She is truly exemplary.

Andrea Urda, San Francisco, CA

I always wanted to get married in Hawaii but being a bride from the mainland, I knew I was up against some challenges. The internet helped immensely to find possible vendors but it was almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. That is until I found Loren. With her years of experience planning special events and weddings, her expertise and knowledge of vendors on the island were wonderful. It’s one thing to read online reviews, but it’s another to get honest impartial feedback from someone who’s worked with the vendors personally. Loren is an incredible professional, prompt with each inquiry and truly a pleasure to work with.

Ashish Babbar, Dublin, Ireland

Planning for a wedding can be a joyful yet taxing experience. We planned our wedding ourselves and getting coordinated with all vendors was a challenge.

Hiring the right photographer, florist, caterers, make-up artists, entertainers is just part of the process, but a lot of time and energy is spent communicating with the vendors via emails or phone calls to provide deposits, request changes, finalize arrangements, make payments etc.

Working with Loren for our wedding was a pleasure. Her attention to detail and patience was admirable. She had great communication skills and was prompt in responding to every query we had about our wedding arrangements. We would highly recommend Loren as her professionalism and organizing skills was the reason that made our wedding planning go smoothly.

Jason Smith, San Antonio, TX

We cannot express enough of our gratitude for Loren’s assistance with the planing of our wedding.  She went above and beyond to address everything so that our wedding day was perfect, particularly with working with the Chef to create an incredible menu and a wedding cake that none of our guests will forget. Many of our guests commented on how relaxed Jennifer and I were on our big day, and not being stressed about ensuring things were taken care of.  All needs were anticipated, making planning a breeze.