Not Just Another Networking Event

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You ever have those times where you get an email about an event or hear about it and think, “oh, I’m too busy” or “who’s going to be there?” or “will this be worth my time?” The truth is that you can find a million reasons not to go to something, but you never know when you may learn something valuable, meet someone or make a contact that will be so helpful down the road. Last week I was pleased to have been part of a part of a panel at the inaugural meeting for the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), Hawaii.  The event was held at Trump International Waikiki and was organized by John Goolsby of Godfather Films. After a tour of the property and a quick meal, there were five of us that were asked various questions by moderator John Goolsby on topics ranging from social media to best tips to memorable moments. I had a great time and I’m hoping that everyone that night was able to go home with a takeaway that night.  That nugget could be from what they heard from the panel, what they learned about the venue, reconnecting with an old friend or maybe making a new contact. At the start of the talk, John said that this business is made up of two things “what you know and who you know” which is so true.  You may see someone as your competitor one second, but the next they are giving you a lead … Read More

Public Speaking. . . Worse than Death?

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Years ago I knew that one thing I wanted to improve upon was public speaking.  Many people have such a fear of it that on a survey, some people had actually ranked it higher than death.  DEATH. Lucky for me, I have more serious fears, like moths. I had attended some professional conferences and noticed that a lot of the speakers were small business owners, but I thought that the attendees would enjoy the perspective from a speaker from the corporate world and I made it my mission to speak at a conference. I submitted my proposal and it was accepted!  I will speak more about that experience in another post.  Anyway I knew that I needed to get serious and start preparing for it I had done some public speaking before.  Many moons ago, I had a job in Japan where I was asked to give speeches in Japanese about myself and other random topics around the prefecture I lived in.  I thought ok, if I could do THAT in another language, speaking about something that I KNOW like the back of my hand will be cake.  That was my first mistake. I went to my friend Diane who was a former newscaster for help and she was like, “I can help you, but you need more help than I can provide. . . you need Toastmasters.” I went online and found out there were about fifty different clubs in my area but due to my whacky schedule, I … Read More

Making Things Happen Conference

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One week ago today I was at the Carolina Inn digging deep at the Making Things Happen Conference.  I had been once before in 2010 in Maui. . . I was the lone non- wedding photographer in a room full of them!  Now the conference has evolved to include people not in the wedding industry, but the premise is still the same.  An intense couple of days to reset and refocus on what really matters. The somewhat scary party about this is that it’s very raw and honest.  In order to get down to the core of what’s really important, you need to peel back layers, like an onion.  Now, for those of you who have not experienced this, this may sound like mumbo jumbo, but basically it’s a wake up call and reality check.  Where do you want to be?  What do you want to be doing?  Are you on your way there?  If not, then turn around and start making the steps to go there. There were countless exercises, journaling and visualization drills, but here are three things that really resonated with me: 1. Live with PURPOSE, not perfection 2. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  One of those people may not be actual physical time, it may be in your thoughts, or just social media.  If that person is toxic, find a way to TURN DOWN the volume on that person. 3. Are you a conference/workshop/anything junkie? Go through … Read More

New Beginnings

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I’m so excited to finally launch my website! At first I wasn’t going to even do a website. I was planning on a strict word-of-mouth business and my friend told me that I was crazy. She told me to make everything about my business legit and as professional as I wanted my business to be. Good advice. I’m not sure what I was thinking earlier. Little did I know it would be such a process. Truth be told, I don’t spend that much time on-line. I’m not familiar with a lot of designers but I had a feeling of what I wanted my website to be like. I know, I’m probably your worst customer. I can’t describe what I like, I just know what I like or don’t like when I see it. The timing is perfect to post this on St. Patrick’s Day as I feel lucky to have met Aileen Cheng of Aileen Cheng Design. This process was very new and I must say uncomfortable for me at times as I didn’t realize the process would feel so personal. Not only is Aileen super talented, but she was extremely patient with me in the process helping advise me not only with the design aspect but just overall things since starting a business was new to me. If anyone is looking for a designer, I whole-heartedly recommend her! Last October, Aileen and her husband Kevin came out to Hawaii for a visit and we went on a sunrise hike … Read More