Would You Offer Lower Quality Anything?

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I was talking to a couple post wedding and they were talking to me about how disappointed they were with their florist.  Let me give you some background on how they found this florist.  It was a recommendation given by a cousin who was local, who said this florist was the best.  This couple went with this florist with that recommendation alone without researching any other florists in the area. When I started asking the couple about their experience, the first thing I asked was if their cousin used this florist for her wedding and they said no.  I believe that if this florist would like to pursue the wedding market, they would need to change the way they communicate with their clients. A big thing to remember is that other than ordering an occasional arrangement, the average person has probably not enlisted the services and scope of a florist for a job such as a wedding.  The couple needs to be walked through the process step by step and things need to be explained easily, but also enticingly.  The couple mentioned that when deciding between two different boutonnieres they asked what the differences were and was told that the lower price was “lower craftsmanship, lower quality.”  The couple said they just couldn’t believe something that they were thinking of with such anticipation would be described as such by the artisan himself. The bridal bouquet was also not as anticipated after many emails back and forth. The ceremony flowers were … Read More

Destination Weddings in Hawaii: Great Skin Care

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What I’ve noticed throughout the years is that many wedding parties of destination weddings, sometimes the bride and groom, show up to the wedding sun burnt! Most couples I know work really hard in getting their body just right for the wedding and then they are bright red!  Depending on how much time is allotted and how badly the burn is, your make up professional can only do so much. In today’s video, Dhyana Leung of Face Art Beauty gives some tips on some gender-neutral products that can be purchased at any drugstore.  For people not from Hawaii, if you see Longs Drugs–that’s a CVS store. For those of you who’d like a transcript: Destination Weddings in Hawaii: Great Skin Care Transcript Check back next Thursday for another new video. Aloha!

Two Car Rental Companies

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I’ve had two very different experiences with two car rental companies in two days.  I had a flight coming in close to midnight and when I was looking at options for car rentals, I was surprised that some companies showed as “not available” due to the time. I thought that was odd, but decided to go for the cheapest option from a somewhat unfamiliar company.  Another known brand was renting cars for more than double. I got in early, got my bags early and went out to the shuttle waiting location. No sign of my company of choice, but I did discover that every other major company was in fact open and was now circling back twice! I finally called to ask if they could send a shuttle out and was told that there is one running, I just need to look out for it.  I told him it was past midnight, not a lot of vehicles and there’s no way I could’ve missed it. I asked if he could please call and have the shuttle pick me up as I knew they were closing soon.  The man then replied that he was in Los Angeles and was unable to reach anyone in San Diego. I asked him to repeat himself, just to make sure I heard him correctly. He did and stressed that  there was no phone at the office or in the shuttle to call. After we hung up, I waited two minutes and decided to jump on … Read More

Destination Weddings in Hawaii: Getting Your Ring Cleaned

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As promised, here’s the second installment in the video series: Destination Weddings in Hawaii.  Today’s video is Destination Weddings In Hawaii: Getting Your Ring Cleaned, featuring Mona Hirata at The Wedding Ring Shop. It was definitely windy that day!  Thankfully weather was not a factor inside the beautiful showroom of The Wedding Ring Shop.  The Wedding Ring Shop is open Mondays – Saturdays 10:30am – 7:00pm and Sundays 10:30am – 5:00pm.  The showroom is conveniently located in town at 1181 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, HI  96814. For those of you who prefer a transcript of the video you can find that here: Getting Your Ring Cleaned Transcript.    

Getting Your Marriage License in Hawaii

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I’ve had linen vendors get asked where the sun sets at a certain property or an entertainer on which venue has the best food or someone based at a venue, how to tie a bow tie.  You never know what you’re going to be asked, so it helps to be as versed in as many things as possible. One thing I’ve learned is that there are many, many destination weddings here in Hawaii.  Some couples do it all on their own, some hire all local talent, some a mix of vendors that they bring with them.  I’ve created a series of videos especially for those vendors coming from afar.  Maybe your couple just can’t live without you, but these quick, wiki (Hawaiian for quick) tips will assist you once you’re in Hawaii. Today’s video is Destination Weddings in Hawaii: Getting Your Marriage License.  I also created Getting Your Marriage License Transcript for your convenience.  The video also has captions if you’d prefer to follow along that way. Who knows, you may even decide to enlist the help of one of these vendors while you are here?  While I normally do these posts on Tuesdays, I plan to release these videos on Thursdays.  I hope you enjoy them I’d love to hear your comments below. A special thank you to my dear friend and videographer Steve Kanemori.  I think he knew me back when I went by the name “Joy.” I’m still waiting for him to give me the green light and get … Read More

The Power of Thank You

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A while back, a wedding planer friend of mine had a really difficult client.  Among her complaints after the wedding was “we got thank yous from the venue and XYZ vendor and you didn’t even send one!” It was the planner’s policy to send a thank you, but she normally does it a few weeks after the event is finished.  That had me curious and I started asking other small businesses what their policy was and I was shocked to find that most had no follow up at all. The follow up is critical for two reasons, first and foremost to sincerely thank them for their business.  Difficult or not, your business would not exist if not for your customers.  Secondly, you could  use it as an opportunity for feedback in the way of surveys or to get testimonials. I have created surveys to send out at the conclusion of events to get feedback.  If coming from an outside party rather than the business owner, the couples would be more candid with their responses and thus allow you to make more changes if needed in your business. If you are not sending thank yous to your clients, start immediately.  If you do it all at one time, it could get overwhelming, but you need to do a system that works for you.  What I do for one client is that as he completes a month, I will give him a month of cards pre-addressed, pre-stamped and he adds a quick … Read More

Easy Peasy Sales Tracking Sheet

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When are your busiest times?  When do you make the most sales? Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t have taken that one last booking? Sometimes in this business it can seem like a feast or famine type of mentality where if you don’t grab every piece of business, you may lose out, but not realizing that you are already over extended that month and taking that extra wedding was actually the worst thing you could’ve done. Or, maybe you’re wondering when would be the best time to take vacations?  Many times there are trends with booking patterns that can be seen if kept year to year. Coming from a corporate background, we have systems set up for everything.  At any given time, we can say exactly how we are doing in sales, when things were booked and when things are coming up.  With small businesses, if you don’t make it happen for yourself, it’s not going to happen. I created a system for one of my clients to track her weddings.  There are two columns per month for full service as well as day-of coordination, though you may use just one column if you’d like.  The vertical column on the left with the months are the months for this year.  We are already into April of this year.  How the sheet works is that as you get a booking, you would put a number in for that particular month going across.  For example, if this month in April, if you … Read More