New Beginnings

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I’m so excited to finally launch my website! At first I wasn’t going to even do a website. I was planning on a strict word-of-mouth business and my friend told me that I was crazy. She told me to make everything about my business legit and as professional as I wanted my business to be. Good advice. I’m not sure what I was thinking earlier. Little did I know it would be such a process. Truth be told, I don’t spend that much time on-line. I’m not familiar with a lot of designers but I had a feeling of what I wanted my website to be like. I know, I’m probably your worst customer. I can’t describe what I like, I just know what I like or don’t like when I see it. The timing is perfect to post this on St. Patrick’s Day as I feel lucky to have met Aileen Cheng of Aileen Cheng Design. This process was very new and I must say uncomfortable for me at times as I didn’t realize the process would feel so personal. Not only is Aileen super talented, but she was extremely patient with me in the process helping advise me not only with the design aspect but just overall things since starting a business was new to me. If anyone is looking for a designer, I whole-heartedly recommend her! Last October, Aileen and her husband Kevin came out to Hawaii for a visit and we went on a sunrise hike … Read More