Always Do the Basics

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Recently a wedding planner had a couple tell her a few days before the wedding that they were disappointed with her services and regretted hiring her.  They had been difficult clients leading up to this point and she was already doing everything she could to make them happy.  After getting their feedback, she went into overdrive to try to make it the best wedding ever, even bringing in an extra staff member on the day.

But, you know how sometimes negative feedback can just make you unravel and not think straight?  This is exactly what happened.  Things that happen like clockwork didn’t happen that night and one part of the coordination was left out at the wedding.  To some couples it would not be a big thing, but to this couple, it would probably be a huge point of contention as they had already complained prior to the event.

What did this planner do?  The next morning when she realized her mistake, she decided to refund her entire coordination fee plus whatever it would cost to fix the error of that last part left out.  She felt that she would not be able to move on had she not done this. Needless to say she was out thousands of dollars from her own fee, paying out her staff as well as rectifying the last portion.

I asked her if she has a standard checklist that she uses for events to ensure things won’t fall through the cracks and mistakes like the one that happened wouldn’t happen.  She said that she does and that she always has it but that she was so frazzled from their feedback that it got to her and she couldn’t focus and it effected her work and cost her.

Weddings are an emotional business and that’s not going to change.  Ever. What you can do is stick to the basics and not stray from that.  If you go from instincts when you are emotional, things may not go as planned or fall by the wayside.  Pull out your checklists, use your staff, check and double check. This could happen when we are emotionally uncomfortable, or sometimes when we are so comfortable with clients that we take things for granted.

Be consistent so that you know you are giving each and every couple your same great service. Check!

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