Showing Up and Matching Tempos

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There’s that famous Woody Allen quote “80% of success is showing up.” I have found this to be true, if you are consistent and open when you do show up.  I’ve been successful in a particular way in following up with emails that I will share with you.

I tend to respond to new inquiries first over anything else.  Whether the event date is in two months or two years, the client has the same level of enthusiasm and want to hear back from someone right away.  In general, they will be impressed by a quick response and will set the tone for future communication.

Next, I will scan my in-box for anything more pressing and go there next.  Then, I will go through the emails one by one and respond.  Every so often there will be a particular client that will email several times a day or maybe once a day for a spurt of time and I do respond, engaging as best as I can with this person as usually is just that, a spurt. Also keep in mind that most of this information will be very new to your clients and it will be up to you to educate them as best as you can.

They may be under a time crunch to make a decision on a particular vendor, or maybe they have a limited time to communicate because they are on a break from school, whatever it may be they may have just a limited time to really make the time count.

Sometimes it’s happened where they’ve decided to go somewhere else, but then I’ve also had those very same clients COME BACK because they’ve been disappointed at the service in the other vendor (most times they go for price).

How do you prioritize your inbox?





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