For Second Shooters, Assistants and Others Branching Out

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I was recently asked by a second shooter about how to get on a vendor list and it made me really think for a moment and then second it made me think that I needed to update my free guide.

I first thought about the criteria that is used for vendors and what would make this group of people different.  I think a big one would be if you were branching out with the blessing of your former boss or if you snuck off in the night, stealing clients in the process.  I’ve seen both scenarios and trust me, if you are planning your exit, the first plan works out much better.  In the cases I’ve been familiar with, there have been a lot of hurt feelings and the bosses would’ve rather have been told of the plan so they could help them leave on the right foot rather than be blind-sighted by it.

Because the venue’s relationship is probably a long-standing one with your current (or former) employer, it would help if your departure was smooth and one that they helped transition you into.

Another factor would be if you could get your own clients and make sales.  Part of what venues look for is if you can bring clients to the venue.  How quickly you can build up your own clients would be a big plus.

An additional advantage for you would be to be unique and different from others in the market.  Of course it would be expected that you will have some influences from your previous mentor, but the benefits of having various people on the vendor list is to have different styles and offerings to cater to all the different couples out there.

For those of you looking to step out into your own or who are just stepping out, I wish you much success and would love to hear your stories!


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