The Continuous Vendor Relationship

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Over the years, I’ve never been asked more by vendors than “how do I get on your vendor list?” But what a lot of vendors don’t realize is that it truly isn’t a sprint, but a marathon of sorts of a process.  In my free guide I show you not only how to get on the vendor list of your favorite luxury hotel property, but how to stay on as well.  Most lists are cylindrical and change yearly or on a need-be basis.

You have to look at each relationship if it is mutually beneficial.  This may seem obvious, but some hotels charge you to be on their lists with an upfront charge or as you get the bookings, must pay some sort of commission.  You must decide if this is worth it to you or would you be able to get these bookings on your own?  Some properties force clients to pick vendors exclusively off of their list, so in these cases, it may be beneficial to be on that list.  You also want to consider how you are treated by a particular property and ease of working there.  If it is difficult for you to do your job due to load in constraints or uncooperative staff as an example, I’ve known vendors that have refused jobs at certain venues because they know they cannot perform at certain areas to the fullest of their capabilities.  When and if this changes, you will need to reevaluate your situation.

Once you are on the list, it’s important to continue to diligently follow the rules of the property where you are at.  While you will all become more familiar with each other, ultimately the it’s the properties’ goal to have less problems as time goes on.  For example, if you start to become sloppy with your standards (leaving equipment lying around, borrowing carts rather than bringing your own, not picking up your things at the end of the evening).  These kinds of things will definitely put a strain on the staff and your relationship.

If you are on the list and couples do not seem to pick you, then something may be “off” with how you are presenting yourselves to the couples via your website, social media, and in person.  Of course there are couples that will not use the list whatsoever, but a large percentage do look at it as part of their research. If a vendor is somewhat of a ghost despite being featured, they are removed from that prime real estate to make room for someone else.

Communication is also great not only from you, but from your assistants and crew.  We know that you can’t be in multiple places at once and many times we are always seeing your setup crew.  If they are friendly, polished, professional and representative of you and your brand, you have nothing to worry about.




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