Are You Using Your Most Productive Time Wisely?

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According to Dan Ariely Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics, the most productive time of day is the first two hours after you are fully awake. How are you making that work for you?

For some with your current schedule it may seem difficult to manage that (feeding the kids, driving them to school, having a full-time job etc.). How about waking up earlier? If that is already a stretch for you, making those few hours in the morning, or whenever you get up, your GO time. This will be your time to do whatever is most important to you and whatever you need to focus on the most.

For example, if it is difficult for you to do your finances, maybe pick one morning every week to get it done. Chances are that you will be more focused and you will do it quicker than if you wait until the afternoon or other times when you are less focused. Same thing would be with other tasks that you may not like so much. Is blogging a chore for you? Start your morning writing. Not a fan of editing? Start there.

Now you may be thinking, what about all the other things? The things you like doing, you will figure out times to do them. You always will do those. Do not spend the most productive time of your day on social media. Really, do you want to give the best part of your day to Facebook? To Instagram? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

How do you feel after meeting with clients? Does it vary depending on the time of day? If you are a morning person, chances are you will have better success meeting with them in the morning than in the evenings. If you are an evening person, then great, but keep in mind from the clients perspective that they have been working all day and may not be quite as focused to meet with you as well. Ideally, for a win-win situation, you want both parties involved to be feeling refreshed.

I know some of you reading this will argue that this is not the case for you and you work best in the evening.  Great!  Find what works best for you and be sure to make that time focused work time to gain you the highest productivity.

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