Power of the Pause

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Last week I was helping a friend with her sales calls and I was pretending to be her client. Because she was reading off a script, it didn’t sound natural, there was no inflection in her voice and she sounded rushed, with no pauses.  Two key things that I learned in Toastmasters were vocal variety and the power of the pause.  These two things will help you to sound more natural, and keep your clients engaged when speaking with you.

First, imagine how a robot speaks with no change in the tones.  Pretty boring, right?  If people are listening to you speak like this, especially over the phone, they will no doubt lose focus and not think about what you are trying to tell them.

Next, think if you are listening to someone who just talks on and on without coming up for air.  For one thing, you won’t have an opportunity to ask any questions (if you had any) and second, you’re not really getting a chance to really digest the information that is being told to you.

If you are the seller, you want to engage the client, keep them interested and then give them an opportunity to consider what you are saying.  Sometimes the most powerful moments are when you step back, stay quiet and listen rather than fill up all the empty space with words.

I understand wanting to work off a script so that you do not leave anything out, but practice it so it sounds natural like you are having a conversation with a friend, and not like you are a robotic telemarketer or an icky infomercial.

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